7 Best Double DIN Head Unit for Sound Quality of 2024,Tested & Reviewed

Best Double DIN Head Unit

I tested 85 car stereos, from Navigation Head Unit and Android Car Stereo and Apple CarPlay Stereo.

For People who want the best double DIN head unit for sound quality, I recommend the Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX.

From all car stereos I’ve tested, I think the DMH-W4660NEX provides best in-class sound quality, a responsive touch screen, and latest features like wireless CarPlay and a 13 Band Equalizer.

However, if you are looking for a powerful option, or something on a budget, I had other recommendations, too.

Top 7 of the Best Double-DIN Head Units – Reviews

In this section, I had reviewed my top 7 picks.

Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX – Best Head Unit For Sound Quality

Editor's Choice
Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX


  • 6.8″ capacitive touchscreen display
  • Built-in amplifier (14 watts RMS /50 watts peak x 4 channels)
  • 3 sets of 4 volts preamp outputs
  • Support HDMI, HD Radio, iDatalink Maestro, backup camera


Pros & Cons


  • Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Responsive touchscreen
  • Built-in Alexa
  • 13-band Graphic EQ
  • Support high-resolution audio files like FLAC and WAV up to 192 kHz/24-bit and DSD
  • Easy to install


    • No physical volume knob
    • No CD/DVD player
    • No built-in navigation

      I highly recommends it to those, who want a great sound quality head unit with all the latest features like wireless CarPlay, HDMI, Backup Camera and much more.

      One of the standout features of the DMH-W4660NEX is its seamless integration with popular smartphone platforms. Whether you’re an Apple aficionado or an Android enthusiast, this head unit has you covered. Apple CarPlay works like a charm, and for Android users, the wireless connectivity makes accessing Android Auto a breeze. But that’s not all—surprisingly, it also supports Amazon Alexa, making your driving experience smarter and more connected.

      What’s in the Box?

      Inside the box, you will get a wiring harness, install screws, Bluetooth microphone, and USB extension immediately caught my eye. The wireless remote control, GPS antenna, and a USB to USB-C adapter were neatly packed alongside the Quick Start Guide and warranty card.

      Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX  hands  on review

      Installation Flexibility: The DMH-W4660NEX’s small chassis design is a game-changer for installation options. With a shallow mounting depth, this 2-DIN receiver can fit into almost any vehicle with a compatible opening.

      Impressive Touchscreen Display: The 6.8-inch capacitive glass touchscreen boasts an 800×480 resolution, providing a crisp and vibrant display. The intuitive layout integrates all control buttons into the screen, with a dedicated volume control and HOME key for added convenience. The live screen widgets, updated via Wi-Fi, offer a personalized touch, adjusting the layout based on individual user preferences. The large screen and user-friendly layout further enhance its appeal, making it a versatile choice for car owners looking to upgrade their audio experience.

      Connectivity Ports: Turning our attention to the back panel, the DMH-W4660NEX reveals a host of connectivity options. From the GPS antenna input to the USB-C port for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, Pioneer has ensured that every aspect of connectivity is considered. The inclusion of a USB extension and adapter for versatile usage in the passenger compartment is a thoughtful touch.

      Audio/Video Capabilities: Equipped with a built-in amplifier designed for up to four speakers, the DMH-W4660NEX doesn’t compromise on audio quality. Three sets of 4-volt RCA outputs allow for external amplifier operation, providing flexibility in setup. The inclusion of a dedicated backup camera input and auxiliary input further enhances its functionality.

      Conclusion: The Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX is a feature-packed head unit that delivers on its promises. The wireless connectivity options, intuitive touchscreen display, and versatile installation make it a standout choice for car audio enthusiasts. If you’re looking to elevate your in-car entertainment experience, this Pioneer head unit is definitely worth considering.

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      ATOTO A6 PF – Best Budget Head Unit for Sound Quality Under $200

      Budget Pick

      ATOTO A6 PF – Best Budget Double Din Stereo for Sound Quality

      ATOTO A6 PF

      • 7-inch HD Touchscreen Display
      • Compatible with wireless CarPlay/wireless auto
      • It has more similar sound quality than pioneer that I have mention below.
      • If you want better sound quality, large and responsive touchscreen unit and all latest feature under $300, go with this one.

      Pros & Cons


      • Responsive Touchscreen Display
      • Takes only 2 seconds to boot-up
      • Better audio quality due to its high quality built-in amplifier
      • EQ, DSP and Time Correction features for sound customization
      • Support high resolution audio files like FLAC, WAV, AAC and more
      • Great Customer Support


      • Touch buttons, might be better if come with volume knob or physical buttons


      ModelATOTO A6 PF
      Display7″ Capacitive Touchscreen
      Resolution1024 x 600
      Power Wattage4 x 45 Watts
      RMS4 x 24 Watts
      Apple CarPlayWired, Wireless
      Android AutoWired, Wireless
      Mirror LinkCompatible
      Backup CameraSupport 720p
      Compatible formatFLAC, WAV, MP3, AAC, and WMA
      Steering wheel controlComaptible
      USB portSingle
      Warranty1.5 Years (you need to register the unit from their official site)

      This double DIN head unit features a 7-inch full HD touchscreen which more responsive compared to the Pioneer stereo. However, there is no physical volume knob, or physical volume buttons but you check this similar model which offers physical volume buttons and available under $300.

      The touchscreen of this model is extremely responsive and can support five finger touch at once which make it different from other head units.

      The sound quality of this double DIN radio is almost similar compared to the pioneer stereo however it has more sound quality features than pioneer such as 36 band equalizer, DSP, automatically volume adjust (as speed changes), Time Alignment and a built-in 200 watts peak power amplifier.

      This double DIN head unit is compatible with both wireless CarPlay and Wireless Android Auto. But you can also connect your phone with stereo via a USB cable.

      You can use Hands free calling while driving. I have tested the Bluetooth calling of this stereo and found no problem while driving.

      For navigation, you can use either Carplay/Android Auto or you can also use offline navigation with its built-in GPS feature. With its built-in maps and turn-by-turn directions, you will find no problem of getting lost.

      You can also connect a HD backup camera to this radio and can enjoy HD 720P rear-view video display, virtual surround view parking and live rear view features.

      And for added safety, the A6 includes rear USB inputs so you can keep your devices charged while on the go.

      Kenwood DMX9708S – The most powerful double DIN head unit

      Upgrade Pick

      Kenwood DMX7706S review

      The Kenwood DMX9708S is a great choice for drivers who:

      • Use their smartphones extensively in the car: The head unit’s seamless smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (wired and wirelessly) makes it a breeze to control music, podcasts, and navigation.
      • Are audiophiles: The head unit boasts high-resolution audio playback, meaning you can hear every nuance of your music.
      • Value visual clarity: The large, clear 6.95-inch capacitive touchscreen displays album art and navigation maps with stunning clarity.
      • Prioritize safety: The head unit supports up to four cameras, giving you a clear view of your surroundings while parking or reversing.

      Pros & Cons


      • Large, clear 6.95-inch capacitive touchscreen
      • The sound quality of this head is amazing, also there are tons of settings to fully customize the sound.
      • This short chassis receiver is easy to install in a wide range of cars.
      • The Apple CarPlay works flawlessly, I don’t find any lag issue while using it for 1 month
      • Fast Boot time, it takes only 10 seconds to fully start
      • The Bluetooth connect quickly and has a rock solid connection.


      • No built-in CD player
      • Occasional Bluetooth connectivity issues reported by some users
      • Interface can be a bit cluttered at times.


      Display6.95″ Clear Resistive touchscreen
      Peak Power Output50 watts x 4 channels
      RMS22 watts x 4 channels
      RCA Preout Voltage4 Volt (6-channels)
      Equalizer13 Band with Drive EQ
      RCA Preout Voltage4V (6 Channels)
      CarPlayWireless, Wired
      Android AutoWireless, Wired
      SiriusXM Compatible
      BLUETOOTHDual Phone connection, Hands-Free
      Audio FormatsFLAC, WAV, MP3, AAC, and WMA
      InputsRear USB, iDataLink Maestro, Steering Wheel Control
      Backup Camera4 camera Input with Parking Guide Lines
      Warranty1 Year

      Quick Review:

      Let’s be honest, most of our music and maps live on our phones. The DMX9708S embraces this reality with built-in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, both wired and wirelessly. Connecting your phone is a breeze, and once you do, your car’s dashboard becomes an extension of your device.You can control your music, podcasts, and navigation with ease through the head unit’s intuitive touchscreen interface.

      A Feast for the Senses: High-Fidelity Audio and Visual Clarity

      But the DMX9708S isn’t just about convenience. It’s also a treat for the audiophile. Gone are the days of muddy, distorted sound. This head unit boasts high-resolution audio playback, meaning you can hear every nuance of your music, from the subtle brushstrokes of cymbals to the rich timbre of vocals. And it’s not just about the audio; the 6.95-inch capacitive touchscreen is a visual delight, displaying album art and navigation maps with stunning clarity.

      Beyond the Basics: Safety and Expandability

      The DMX9708S doesn’t stop at entertainment. It prioritizes safety too, with support for up to four cameras. Imagine the peace of mind of having a clear view of your surroundings while parking or reversing. And for the tinkerers out there, the head unit offers expandability options, allowing you to add SiriusXM radio, amplifiers, and more.

      3. Kenwood DMX7706S - Upgrade Pick
      Kenwood DMX7706S double din head unit review
      double din radio review

      A Few Quirks: Not Without its Hiccups

      No device is perfect, and the DMX9708S is no exception. Some users report occasional Bluetooth connectivity issues, and the lack of a built-in CD player might be a dealbreaker for some. Additionally, the interface can be a bit cluttered at times, with menus layered on top of menus.

      Here’s a table summarizing who should buy this head unit:

      FeatureIdeal buyer
      Smartphone integrationSmartphone users
      Audio qualityAudiophiles
      Display clarityDrivers who value visual clarity
      Safety featuresSafety-conscious drivers

      The Verdict: A Solid Choice for the Tech-Savvy Driver

      Overall, Kenwood DMX9708S is perfect for audiophiles who want the best possible sound quality in their car. Its seamless smartphone integration, high-fidelity audio, and visual clarity make it a joy to use. While a few minor quirks hold it back from perfection, the DMX9708S is a compelling choice for anyone looking to upgrade their car’s entertainment system.

      Sony XAV AX5000 – Best Head Unit under $400

      Sony XAV AX5000 - Best Head Unit under $400

      Sony XAV AX5000

      The Sony XAV AX5000 is an excellent 7-Inch touchscreen car stereo system that offers great sound quality, intuitive menus and customizable settings. It also has impressive compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, as well as Bluetooth connectivity for wireless accessories.

      Pros & Cons


      • Attractive design with sleek lines and a large screen.
        Easy to navigate user interface.
        Simple installation process.
        Seamless Apple CarPlay integration.
        Extremely responsive control with no lag between touch and output.
        Fast start-up time.


      • Dull sound on a higher frequency spectrum.
      • Background noise on incoming calls.
      • Excessively bright screen in night mode.
      • Body gets hot after extended use.


      Display6.95″ capacitive touchscreen
      Peak Power55 watts x 4 channels
      RMS20 watts x 4 channels
      RCA Preout5-channel (2-volt )
      Graphic Equalizer 10 Band
      FormatsFLAC, WAV, MP4, AAC

      The Sony XAV AX5000 is a versatile and powerful car stereo system that takes your rides to the next level.

      The 7-inch touchscreen display is bright and easy to use, making it easy to access your favorite apps, music, and navigation options with just a few taps or swipes.

      The sound quality is also top-notch, with plenty of power to provide a crisp and clear sound even at high volume levels.

      This stereo is equipped with a powerful amplifier that offers 220 watts of peak power output ensures loud and clear sound, with a wide frequency range for a full audio experience. 

      The built-in DSP (Digital Signal Processor) provides fine-tuned adjustments to ensure your sound is as balanced and powerful as possible. 

      The XAV AX5000 also features a 10-band equalizer for further sound tailoring, allowing you to customize the sound of your music. The unit also has a built-in subwoofer pre-amplifier for adding extra bass to your music.

      The XAV AX5000 has excellent compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, making it super easy to connect your phone or tablet for hands-free calling, navigating, and music streaming.

      The unit also has Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect wireless headphones or speakers for a better listening experience.

      The XAV AX5000 has plenty of user-friendly features such as intuitive menus, customizable settings, and an automatic dimmer that adjusts depending on the amount of light in the area.

      One of the most impressive features is its voice control option, which allows you to take advantage of the built-in microphone and speak commands directly into the unit. This makes navigating through menus and making calls much easier and safer while driving.

      Alpine iLX-W650 – Best Double-DIN Stereo for Android Auto

      Best Double Din head unit for Android Auto

      Alpine iLX-W650

      The Alpine iLX-W650 is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility to their car stereo system.

      It offers a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen display, 200 watts peak power, 4 x 18 watts RMS, AUX and USB inputs, dual backup camera input, and many other features.

      Pros & Cons


      • It has a large and responsive touchscreen display which make it user friendly
        Compatible with all iPhones and mostly all android phones
        It has a sharp, clear, and loud audio quality
        Apple CarPlay and Android Auto work with mostly all iPhone and Android devices.


      • It takes to more than 15 seconds to fully boot-up
        The price tag of this unit is high
        Some Android users report connectivity issues with this unit


      Display7” Capacitive Touchcreen
      Dimensions10 x 8 x 7 inches (Lx W x H)
      Power Output50 watts x 4 channels
      RMS16 watts x 4 channels
      EQ3 Band Graphic
      EQ 9 Band Parametric
      RCA Preout4 Volt (6-channels)
      CarPlayWired, No Wireless Support
      Android AutoWired, No Wireless Support
      Time correction6-channel
      Subwoofer level controlSupported
      Audio FormatsFLAC, MP3, WMA, WA, AAC
      Video formatsAVI, MP4, MPG, MOV, WMV
      InputDual Backup Camera, rear USB port
      Warranty1 Year

      It’s a Premium Android Auto head unit from Alpine that will give us all the latest features with great audio and a beautiful touch display.

      It has a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen display that is responsive and offers good video quality. It provides all the features the Pioneer head unit gives except the wireless CarPlay and CD/DVD player.

      For those who want the latest features in their car, this stereo can provide its built-in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

      You can do many things such as using GPS navigation, watching YouTube, and playing music via Spotify, and many other apps.

      iLX W650
      Alpine iLX W650
      Alpine iLX W650 touchscreen
      w650 alpine

      This unit supports mostly all the latest iPhones as well Android devices.

      Alpine ILX-W650 allows users to play video and audio from a different sources such as USB input, Bluetooth, CarPlay. You can even stream music directly from your phone through Spotify.

      People who used the Alpine iLx-W650 have appreciated its outstanding audio quality. Most of them found it easy to install due to its shallow design. I recommend it to Android users.

      BOUWOIMA– Best Double DIN Stereo with Backup Camera

      BOUWOIMA– Best Double DIN Stereo with Backup Camera

      BOUWOIMA 7-inch Car Stereo

      This stereo comes with a built-in 200 watts amplifier, GPS navigation, and wireless Auto/Apple CarPlay for ultimate convenience.

      Pros & Cons


      • The built-in microphone quality is good
      • The Touchscreen works accurately most of the time
      • Awesome audio quality that surrounds the whole car
      • Built-in GPS Navigation system
      • Available at Low price


      • UI is clunky
      • Small Button Size
      • No Physical Volume Knob


      Display7-Inch Capacitive Touchscreen
      Resolution1024 x 600P
      Apple CarPlayWireless, Wired via USB
      Android AutoWireless, Wired via USB
      Peak Power4 x 49 watts
      RMS4 x 29 watts
      EQ10 Band Graphic
      InputsHD Dual Backup Camera, Aux, USB, SD Card

      If you’re looking for a tremendous double din head unit with a backup camera, then this one might be a great option.

      The built-in backup camera is a lifesaver, and the high-quality sound system ensures you’ll never miss a beat.

      This double-din head unit offers incredible audio quality and a wealth of features and functions that will make your driving experience even better.

      This impressive car media receiver features a 7-inch 1024×600 IPS screen with a 178-degree whole viewing angle, so you’ll always have a clear view of your favorite apps, maps, and media. Plus, the sleek design is sure to complement any car’s interior.

      The built-in amplifier offers a peak power of 200 watts, and RMS 4×29 watts output allow it to quickly fill even large car cabins with rich, vibrant sound. And since it features time correction and speed-compensated volume control, you’ll always enjoy optimal audio quality no matter how fast you drive. Plus, with its 10-band EQ, you can tailor the sound to your specific preferences.

      The radio also has built-in GPS navigation, so you’ll never have to worry about getting lost again. Plus, with dual Bluetooth support, you can easily connect your phone for hands-free calling and streaming music.

      This radio features Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities, so you can always stay connected while on the go. Bluetooth and USB tethering make it easy to connect your devices, and the HD 720P rearview video display with the live rearview feature is perfect for keeping an eye on what’s behind you. The quality-sounding FM/AM radio keeps you entertained for hours.

      This innovative device lets you connect your phone wirelessly or via a factory USB cable so that you can use your favorite apps and features while on the go. 

      Whether you want to use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, the A6 has you covered. With the built-in MirrorLink feature, you’ll be able to easily connect your phone and use all your favorite apps right on your car’s display.

      So if you’re ready to upgrade your old car stereo to new head unit with backup camera, this one is a perfect choice.

      Kenwood DPX504BT – Best Double Din Radio for the Money

      Best Double Din Head Unit for the Money

      Kenwood DPX504BT

      The Kenwood DPX504BT is an excellent value for money double din head unit. It offers a great variety of features, such as Bluetooth connectivity, voice assistant support, and high-res audio playback. With its 13 band EQ and time alignment feature, you can have the perfect sound system in your car. Highly recommended if you don’t want touchscreen Display.

      Pros & Cons


      • The 22 watts RMS gives louder and clean audio quality
      • Its bluetooth allows to connect two phones simultaneously
      • Support Voice commands via Alexa
      • Hands Free Calling works great
      • Easy to install and use
      • Budget Friendly


      • No PTT or Mute button on face of the unit
      • There is no option to turn off display while in standby mode


      CD/DVD PlayerBuilt-in
      Variable-color illumination
      Power Peak200 watts max
      RMS50 watts x 4 channels
      Equalizer 13-band
      Preamp outputs2.5 Volt (6 Channels)
      Audio FormatWAV and FLAC music files (up to 24-bit/96kHz)
      Other FormatCDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs, MP3, WMA, and AAC
      Direct USB Controlfor iPod, iPhone, and iPad
      Bluetoothversion 4.2
      AM/FM tunerBuilt-in
      InputUSB, AUX
      Steering wheel audio controlsCompatible
      SiriusXM satellite radio
      Warranty1 Year

      Kenwood has always been a trusted name in car audio, and the DPX504BT is no exception. This CD receiver features a simple layout for your media and Bluetooth capabilities that let you easily control your music.

      You’ll love the big 3-line display, which ensures you never lose track of your tunes, and the front aux input lets you easily connect your own devices. Plus, with its USB port, the DPX504BT is perfect for listening to high-res music.

      The Kenwood DPX504BT lets you control all your music with just your voice. With the Alexa app, simply pair your phone to the receiver and press the dedicated “Alexa” button to access a world of music, audiobooks, news, weather, traffic, and more.

      This Kenwood double din head unit also lets you play and charge your iPhone. It also has a front aux input for a portable music player. The USB drives are filled with high-res FLAC and WAV files and control and play music using Android devices.

      This receiver comes with controls for Spotify and Pandora and an option for SiriusXM (satellite radio tuner and subscription required). The sensitive radio tuner will pick up local AM and FM analog stations.

      This stereo lets you make hands-free calls and stream music and audiobooks from your phone. The Music Mix feature allows you to pair five phones so everyone can have a turn choosing tunes. And for drivers who love their iPhone or Android phone, the free Remote app gives you control of the stereo directly from your device.

      With the Kenwood DPX504BT, you can fine-tune the sound and look to make sure your music always sounds great and fits your style. This receiver provides thirteen bands of equalization for perfect sound adjustment and digital time alignment for precise speaker placement.

      You can also choose from various colors for the high-contrast display to perfectly match your dash. Three pairs of RCA preamp outputs let you add additional amps to power even more speakers.

      Selecting the Best Double Din Head Unit – Why it is so Difficult?

      How to purchase the best Double-DIN radio is one the most asked queries people generally search before spending their valuable money. Selecting the suitable double DIN head unit for your vehicle can be difficult due to the large numbers of head unit models available in the market.

      Other problems such as lack of product information. Many companies do not reveal their complete product information. That’s why it makes it harder to select. However, below you can find all the specific head unit information that will save you a lot of time and headaches.

      How I selected these Double Din Head Units.

      There are a few things I took into consideration when selecting the best double DIN head unit. First, I wanted to find options that had a large display. This is important for several reasons, including seeing maps and directions more easily.

      Second, I wanted to find units that had a lot of features. A car stereo can come with various features, such as GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and even built-in amplifiers.

      Third, I wanted to find units that were easy to use. I know that not everyone is an expert when it comes to car audio, so I tried to find teams that were straightforward to use.

      Finally, I wanted to find affordable units. I know that car radios can be a significant investment, so I tried to find reasonably priced options.

      How I tested these Double Din Head Units.

      After I had our list of potential double DIN head unit, I then set out to test them. I wanted a real-world idea of how they performed, so I installed each one in a car and then put them through various tests.

      First, I tested the GPS navigation systems. I drove around with each unit to see how accurate the mapping was and how easy it was to input destinations.

      Second, I tested the Bluetooth connectivity. I paired each unit with a phone and then made calls, sent texts, and played music to see how well it worked.

      Third, I tested the audio quality. I listened to different music through each unit to understand the audio quality. Finally, I looked at the overall ease of use. I evaluated how intuitive each team was and how easy it was to access the features I wanted.


      Which double DIN Stereo is the best in 2024?

      The Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX is the best double DIN head unit in 2024. It features a large 6.8-inch capacitive touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. 

      What is the difference between the Android head unit & Android Auto?

      Android Auto is a platform developed by Google to bring an optimized version of the Android operating system into vehicles. It allows users to use apps like Google Maps and Spotify from their vehicle’s dashboard touchscreen or steering wheel controls. Android head units are aftermarket devices that replace the factory-installed audio system in a car.

      They come with an Android operating system, allowing users to access and use apps and listen to music, watch videos, and more. The critical difference is that Android Auto requires a compatible smartphone, while an Android head unit is a standalone device without external hardware or input.

      What does double DIN mean?

      Double DIN is a head unit size that refers to the two slots of 7×4 inches typically found in car dashboards. It is an industry-standard size larger than the single DIN, occupying only one space of 7×2 inches.

      Double DIN units generally provide more features like touchscreens, GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and more. As a result, they are more desirable to users who require greater functionality from their head units.

      Is double DIN better than single?

      Double DIN stereos are generally much better than single DIN stereos, though the advantage depends mainly on the features each offers. Double DINs usually provide more space for larger displays, allowing users to see more information, such as artist and album titles. Double DINs typically offer more audio customization features like EQ, bass boost, and more.

      Finally, double DIN stereos often contain features that single DIN models do not, such as Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports for playing media from portable devices, and built-in navigation systems.

      Final Verdict

      These seven double-din head unit has a lot to offer for every type of person considering budget to high end with excellent performance.

      However, if you still find a problem selecting the best double DIN head unit and do not have any budget problems, then I will advise you to go with Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX. On the other hand you can also go with ATOTO A6 PF if you want budget friendly option with free backup camera.

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