5 Best floating Screen Car Stereo of 2024, Tested & Reviewed

Best floating Screen Car Stereo

Are you tired of your boring old car stereo? Want to upgrade your driving experience with the latest technology? Look no further!

After spending more than 60 hours researching and testing, our team of experts has narrowed down the top 5 floating screen car stereos for 2023.

From high-end option like Pioneer, Sony, JVC to Budget friendly Options Like Boss, ATOTO, we’ve got you covered.

So, buckle up and let’s get started on finding the perfect car stereo for you!

Top 5 Best floating Screen Car Stereo – Reviews

1. Pioneer DMH-WT8600NEX – Our Pick

Pioneer DMH WT8600NEX review

  • 10.1″ Floating Capacitive HD Display
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto
  • 13-band graphic EQ
  • Built-in HD Radio tuner
  • RMS: 14 Watts, Power Wattage: 50 Watts

The DMH-WT8600NEX is a flagship head unit from Pioneer that offers a tons of features, making it a compelling option for car audio enthusiasts. With a massive 10.1-inch HD capacitive touchscreen floating display, this unit delivers a visually stunning experience.

It also boasts wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing for seamless smartphone integration.

The display itself is one of the standout features of the DMH-WT8600NEX. The 720p HD screen provides crisp and vibrant visuals, making it a pleasure to interact with. However, it’s worth noting that the touchscreen may not be as responsive as other capacitive touchscreens on the market.

In terms of installation, the head unit follows the standard single DIN format, making it relatively straightforward to install with a vehicle-specific dash kit. The display mounting system is reminiscent of the Sony XAV-AX8000, offering multiple tilt angles, height positions, and depth adjustments. Pioneer’s addition of three mounting locations (right, center, and left) provides flexibility for different vehicle configurations.

Connecting to the stereo’s Wi-Fi is straightforward, and it also enables internet browsing and access to online services. However, to utilize wireless features, the GPS antenna must be installed. Additionally, the Car AV Assist app needs to be downloaded for internet browsing, as direct app downloads onto the stereo are not possible.

Audio performance is a significant aspect of any car stereo, and the DMH-WT8600NEX delivers solid results. With an HD radio tuner, Bluetooth for hands-free calling and audio streaming, and compatibility with various audio file formats, the unit covers a wide range of audio options. The preamp outputs provide ample voltage, while the audio settings allow for customization and fine-tuning of the sound.

The Pioneer DMH-WT8600NEX also features two camera inputs, making it easy to integrate backup cameras or use an additional camera for different purposes. The head unit supports various file formats for video playback, as well as the display of JPEG images as wallpapers.

While the DMH-WT8600NEX offers an impressive set of features, there are a few limitations to consider. Browsing the internet requires downloading the Car AV Assist app, and direct app downloads onto the stereo are not supported. It’s also worth noting that video apps like YouTube and Netflix are not compatible with this unit.


  • Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto works great
  • Easy to install
  • Numerous settings to customize the audio
  • Capacitive touchscreen with HD display


  • Videos doesn’t works while driving, you need to purchase parking brake bypass
  • Expensive

Overall, the Pioneer DMH-WT8600NEX is a high-quality head unit that delivers excellent audio performance and a feature-packed experience. It may not be without its limitations, but its expansive display, wireless capabilities, and customization options make it a worthy contender in the market.

2. ATOTO F7 XE – Budget Pick

ATOTO F7 XE - The Best Floating Screen Head Unit

  • 10.1-inch Floating HD Display
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Power Peak: 200 watts RMS: 4 x 29 Watts
  • 10 Band Graphic EQ with 7 presets
  • HD Backup Camera Supported

One of the best things about driving is its freedom and independence. But as anyone who’s ever been on a long road trip knows, some challenges come with spending hours behind the wheel.

One of those challenges is staying entertained, especially if you’re traveling alone. That’s where ATOTO F7 XE comes in. This 10.1″ android car stereo has a floating screen design that makes it perfect for watching movies or TV shows on the go.

The large HD touchscreen is one of the highlights of the ATOTO F7 XE. The screen is 1280 x 720, suitable for watching movies and TV shows. And because it’s a capacitive touch screen, it’s very responsive to your touch. You can modify the angle of the screen to get the perfect view.

The ATOTO F7 XE has a built-in amplifier that delivers 4 x 49 watts of power. That’s enough power to fill even a large car with sound. And if you want even more control over the sound, the head unit comes with a 10-band equalizer.

This head unit supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. That means you can use your favorite apps on the go. And because the head unit is wireless, you don’t have to worry about tangled wires.
The ATOTO F7 XE has a GPS receiver so that you can use it for navigation. Just enter your destination into the maps app on your phone and let the head unit do the rest. It will even provide turn-by-turn directions.

The ATOTO F7 XE has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. You can play music or movies from your phone to the head unit. You can also use the head unit to make hands-free calls. And if you have an iPhone, you can use Apple CarPlay to access your favorite apps on the go.

The ATOTO F7 XE comes with an HD backup camera. The camera has a wide-angle lens that gives you a clear view of what’s behind you. And because the camera is mounted on the back of the head unit, it’s always in the perfect position.


  • Compact, single din design fits easily into car dashboards
  • Easy to install and setup.
  • Responsive Touchscreen.
  • Great Sound quality with tons of features to customize the audio
  • Affordable price compared to other models


  • No RDS tuner capability for stronger AM/FM radio reception.
  • No CD/DVD player capabilities.

3. Sony XAV-AX8000 – Upgrade Pick

Sony XAV AX8000 review 1

  • 8.95-inch touchscreen display
  • Wired Apple CarPlay, Android Auto
  • 4 x 55 Watts Power Wattage
  • Built-in 10 Band graphic equalizer

This floating-screen car stereo features a massive 8.95-inch resistive touchscreen display, making it easy to control your music playback and smartphone functions while you’re on the road. Plus, with its built-in Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support, it’s perfect for anyone who wants a versatile and user-friendly car stereo.

The Sony XAV-AX8000 puts all the smartphone features you need right at your fingertips. With Apple CarPlay, using your iPhone in the car is easier than ever before. Android Auto allows you to use your favorite Android apps in the car as well. Plus, with a floating LCD screen and sleek design, this product looks great and performs even better.

This floating-screen stereo offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto which allows you to easily access all your favorite apps and content, while the rearview camera ensures you’re always aware of what’s happening behind you. The sturdy mount adjusts in three directions, so it can be tailored to fit any vehicle, and the bright LCD display makes everything easy to see even in direct sunlight.

With its oversized 8.95-inch touchscreen, it’s easy to see everything at a glance while you’re on the road. Plus, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, it’s easy to stay connected no matter what system you’re using.

With WebLink, it’s easy to access all your favorite apps while you’re on the go. Just connect your smartphone to the XAV-AX8000 display and mirror your screen right on the LCD. Whether you’re streaming music, checking traffic conditions, or mapping out your route, this intuitive app delivery platform makes it easy to stay connected while you’re on the move.

The Sony XAV-AX8000 is the perfect car audio system for anyone who wants to enjoy a clear, crisp sound while on the road. With its built-in 4 x 55 W amplification and multiple customization options, you can easily adapt the audio experience to your liking. Plus, with its simple button controls, you’ll have instant access to commonly used features such as volume, source, sound settings and voice control.


  • The built-in equalizer works really well
  • Easy to install due to its design
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto works great
  • The touchscreen is very responsive
  • Pre-Sets Customization


  • Not bright enough to see when driving
  • No Video Output

4. JVC KW-Z1000W

JVC KW Z1000W review

  • 10.1” HD Touchscreen Display
  • 13 Band Equalizer
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto
  • 6 Channel Preamp (5Volt)
  • Compatible with iDataLink Maestro

The JVC KW-Z1000W Car Stereo is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy high-definition images while driving. The large 10.1” HD display provides clear, sharp images that are free of jagged edges, and the color development is increased for a more vivid image. Plus, the stereo has a built-in amplifier that delivers 50 watts per channel for powerful sound.

With its innovative optical bonding technology, you’ll enjoy crystal-clear visibility and incredible durability. Plus, this stereo features a sleek, modern design that will complement any car interior.

With the JVC KW-Z1000W, you can enjoy an incredibly dynamic and interactive home screen. Swipe the monitor with two fingers to split the screen or change the information window. You can also view various information, including time, photos, album art images, iDatalink Maestro, and more.

This top-of-the-line stereo features iDatalink Maestro RR, which enables you to keep all your factory controls and displays intact. You’ll also appreciate the sleek, intuitive touchscreen display and impressive sound quality. With the KW-Z1000W, you’ll have everything you need to make every drive an enjoyable experience.

This stereo supports playback of 96kHz/24bit audio, which provides a clearer and more detailed sound than traditional CD music. Plus, with its 192kHz/24bit High-Resolution Audio files support, you can enjoy even higher-quality music playback. So if you’re looking to take your driving experience to the next level.

With high-quality Bluetooth streaming and LDAC technology, you can enjoy superior sound quality while you’re on the go. Plus, with its sleek design and easy installation, it’s the perfect addition to any car. 

With its innovative K2 technology, this stereo reproduces sound with amazing clarity and depth, letting you hear every note as if you were right there in the studio with the artist. Plus, the high-frequency range is expanded for a truly immersive listening experience.

With its Time Alignment feature, you can make sure that each of your speakers sounds exactly the way it’s supposed to. Plus, with its sleek design, this stereo will look great in any car!


  • The Display offers high definition video quality
  • Easy to to control and the CarPlay interface works well
  • The Apple CarPlay & Android Auto works wirelessly
  • Support 4 Camera input
  • Support gestures controls


  • Pricey

5. BOSS Audio Systems BCPA10RC


  • 10.1″ HD touchscreen Display
  • RMS: 14 Watts, Power Peak: 200 Watts
  • 6-channel preamp output (4 Volt)
  • Free Backup Camera

The last best floating Screen Car Stereo is from Boss Audio

The BOSS Audio Systems BCPA 10RC single-din car multimedia head unit is perfect for anyone who wants to have the best driving experience possible. This head unit comes with Apple CarPlay, so you can use your favorite iOS apps while you’re driving. 

You’ll also enjoy the Android Auto capabilities, which allow you to use your favorite Android apps. The large 10.1-inch capacitive touchscreen monitor makes it easy to select CarPlay icons or other system settings and configurations.

One of its most interesting offerings includes Siri voice control for directions and checking messages as well as AM/FM radio station tuning capabilities; there’s also an aux jack so you can plug in your own music player if desired! 

With Bluetooth connectivity built into this revolutionary mobile device it becomes possible to play songs from various App stores without having them stored locally on our smartphones or tablets 

This player supports USB flash drive files up to 32 GB, so you can bring your favorite tunes with you on the go. It also includes a built-in 1A charger, so you can keep your devices powered up while you’re on the road. And if you want to watch videos or listen to audio from an external device, the AV Input allows for easy connectivity.


  • The large and easy to move screen makes it a cinch for you, whatever your needs may be.
  • OS boots up quickly
  • No Glaring Issue


  • Some minor bugs & lag

What does floating display mean?

A floating display is a display device that appears to float in mid-air, without any physical support. The optical illusion is created by reflecting the image off of a mirror or other reflective surface.

What is a floating car stereo?

A floating car stereo is a stereo system that “floats” on top of the dashboard, allowing the driver and passengers to enjoy music while keeping the dash clear. Floating car stereos are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer a sleek and modern look that can complement any vehicle interior. Many floating car stereos also come with features such as

What do double DIN and single DIN mean?

Double DIN and single DIN are two common terms used to describe car stereo systems. Double DIN refers to a system that takes up twice the space of a single DIN, while single DIN refers to a system that takes up only one space. Both types of systems have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs.

Can you put a single DIN stereo in a double DIN?

Yes, you can put a single DIN stereo in a double DIN, but you will need to use an adapter. Otherwise, the stereo will not fit properly and could become damaged.

If you want to upgrade your car stereo, we recommend going with a flip-out head unit that’s designed to fit that space.

Are all double dins the same size?

The answer to this question is a bit complicated. While most double dins are the same general size, there are some exceptions. For example, some aftermarket car stereos may be slightly larger or smaller than others. Additionally, some vehicles may have a double din opening that is slightly larger or smaller than average.

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