How to Clear Bluetooth Memory on Pioneer Radio?

Written by: John Wilson

Clearing the memory is one of the quick fixes you can apply to boost your Pioneer radio’s Bluetooth connectivity.

There are several ways you can do this.

The older Pioneer models don’t have a specific process for Bluetooth memory clearance. In such a situation, resetting the radio is the only option you’re left with.

In newer models, you can follow one of the two steps depending on your radio type.

If your radio is single-DIN, you’ll go to the main menu > SYSTEM SETTINGS > BT MEM CLEAR.

And if it’s double-DIN, you’ll go to Settings > Bluetooth > Clear Memory to complete the clearance process.

Why You Should Clear Bluetooth Memory on a Car Radio

The first reason you should clear the Bluetooth memory of your car radio is the storage.

Whenever you pair a Bluetooth device to your car radio, it stores that information in its ‘Device List.’ But this list has a limited storage capacity and will fill soon enough if you pair multiple devices with the radio.

And once the Bluetooth memory is full, you cannot pair any new device. Instead, you’ll get a ‘memory full’ error message whenever you try to pair a new device.

Other than that, there are additional situations where clearing the Bluetooth memory makes sense, such as

  • The Bluetooth memory is corrupted. The data you had previously stored is corrupted. And now you’ll have to wipe it clean and store new data from scratch.
  •  You’re selling your vehicle and want to remove personal information.
  •  Your radio glitches and cannot pair with any new device (even when the memory is not full).

Pioneer Bluetooth Settings Greyed Out

Pioneer Bluetooth Settings Greyed Out

Many car owners have reported that sometimes the Bluetooth settings icon in their radios is unresponsive and greyed out.

While most consider it an error, it’s a safety feature that discourages users from using their car radios (and getting distracted) while driving.

Once you engage the parking brake, the greyed-out icon will automatically turn normal/responsive again.

However, if it’s greyed out even when the car is parked, you’ll need to check the parking brake wire of the car stereo. You probably have installed this wire incorrectly.

Therefore, go through the wiring diagram of your radio to see the correct slot for that wire and connect it there.

You can also remove this wire to have the button always responsive. But I don’t recommend this part.

How to Clear Bluetooth Memory in Older Pioneer Radios

As stated earlier, older Pioneer radios don’t have a dedicated Bluetooth memory clearance process. So, in those models, you’ll have to follow the reset process for wiping the memory. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Turn on the radio
  •  Press the ‘SRC’ button.
  •  Go to SYSTEM SETTINGS > SYSTEM RESET by rotating/pressing the volume knob.

How to Clear Bluetooth Memory in Pioneer DEH-S6220BS Radio?

How to Clear Bluetooth Memory in Pioneer DEH-S6220BS Radio?

The DEH-S6220BS is a button-based single-DIN radio. Here’s how you can clear the Bluetooth memory in such radios:

  • Turn on the radio
  •  Press the volume control dial on the left side of the radio to access the main menu.
  •  In the main menu, rotate the volume dial until you see the ‘SYSTEM SETTINGS’ option on the screen.
  •  Select that option by pressing the volume dial.
  •  A new menu will appear. From this menu, select the ‘BT MEM CLEAR’ option.
  •  Select that option and set it to ‘YES.’

Now the Bluetooth memory clearance process will initiate, and you’ll get a confirmation message (CLEARED) upon completion.

How to Clear Bluetooth Memory on Pioneer DMH-1500NEX and DMH-220EX

How to Clear Bluetooth Memory on Pioneer DMH-1500NEX and DMH-220EX

The DMH-1500NEX and 220NEX are two popular double-DIN Pioneer head units. The Bluetooth memory clearance process for such radios goes like this:

  • Go to Settings > Bluetooth. You’ll get a new menu with a bunch of different options.
  •  Tap on ‘Bluetooth Memory Clear.’
  •  Then tap on Clear > OK.

Pioneer Bluetooth Memory Clear Greyed Out

Sometimes, the Bluetooth Memory Clear option is greyed out and unresponsive, which doesn’t allow you to clear the memory.

If that’s happening on your radio, you should turn it off first. Then turn it on and try again. Hopefully, this time the icon will be responsive.


Cleaning Bluetooth memory can solve many of your car’s audio problems. You can remove all the unwanted Bluetooth devices, improve Bluetooth connectivity, and remove your personal information (handy if you’re selling your vehicle).

The processes mentioned above only apply to their respective car radios. If you have a different model, it may require a slightly different method. That’s why you should always double-check this information with the owner manual.

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