How To Set The Clock On A Kenwood Car Stereo

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How To Set The Clock On A Kenwood Car Stereo

Setting up the clock is one of the first things you should do after installing the Kenwood car radio.

Yes, many people think that their job is finished after the installation.

But that’s not true, as you have to configure different settings, such as CarPlay/Android Auto, Bluetooth, Time/Date, etc.

If we talk about time adjustments, here’s how it goes:

  • Go to Settings > Clock > Clock Adjustment.
  •  Make adjustments to the time.
  •  Press OK.

However, the exact process can be slightly different in your particular model.

To help you out, in this post, we’ll talk about setting the clock on different Kenwood car stereos.

When Should You Change the Time on Kenwood Car Stereo?

When Should You Change the Time on Kenwood Car Stereo?

Apart from having a new car radio, there are some other situations where you might want to change the time.

Battery issues

The battery powers the built-in clock of the car stereos via the constant 12V wire, which is why it works 24×7 – even when the ignition is off.

That’s why it will not remain up to date if the battery is weak or dead – or if you’ve replaced the older battery.

Car Stereo Reset

We often reset our car radios to fix some software glitch or bloating. In such a case, you must reconfigure the time settings, as the previously saved settings are now deleted.

Different Time Zones

If you frequently travel long distances (east coast to the west coast, for example) that span multiple time zones, you’ll have to keep track of current time. Manually adjusting the car stereo time is one of the easiest ways to achieve it.

Daylight Saving Time

Similarly, you’ll probably need to update your car stereo’s time if daylight saving time is being observed in your area.

How to Set the Clock on Kenwood DMX7706S and DDX6906S

How to Set the Clock on Kenwood DMX7706S and DDX6906S
  • Press the menu button. A pop-up menu will appear.
  • Tap on the ‘SETUP’ option and then ‘User Interface.’
  • On the new screen, tap on ‘Time Zone.’
  • Now you can see different time-related options such as time zone, time format, and clock.
  • The clock will be set to ‘RDS-Sync’ as default. You’ll have to set this option to ‘manual.’
  • Once you do this, a section named ‘clock adjust’ will appear. This section will allow you to update the date and time settings ^ and ∨ buttons.
  • Once you’ve adjusted these options, tap the ‘set’ button.

How to Change Time on Kenwood Excelon DPX594BT

How to Change Time on Kenwood Excelon DPX594BT
  • Press the volume knob. It will open up a menu.
  • Turn the knob until you see the ‘CLOCK’ option on the screen. Press the volume knob to select this option.
  • Turn the knob again to have ‘CLOCK ADJUST’ on the screen. Then Press the volume knob to select it.
  • Now you can make adjustments in the hour and minute fields.
  • You can also make similar adjustments to the clock format.

How to Set the Clock on Kenwood DPX500BT

How to Set the Clock on Kenwood DPX500BT
  • Press and hold the AUDIO button.
  • Use the control knob to go to SETTINGS > CLOCK.
  • Now you can use the knob to adjust the hours and minutes.

How to change the time on a Kenwood DPX504BT

  1. Press and hold the ‘AUDIO‘ button to enter into the Function Setting Mode.
  2. Use the Control Knob to select ‘SETTINGS‘ then ‘CLOCK‘.
  3. Using the knob, choose either “TIME SYNC” or “ON/OFF“.
  4. To sync with a radio station, select “TIME SYNC“. To manually set the time, turn “ON/OFF” to ‘ON’.
  5. Use the Control Knob to select a setting.
  6. Once you are done, press and hold the ‘back’ button to exit Function Setting Mode.
  7. Your new time will now be set.


So this is how you can change the time in different Kenwood car stereos.

Remember that the processes mentioned above only apply to their specific radios. If you have a different car radio, it may have a slightly different procedure.

So always double-check this information with your owner’s manual before proceeding.

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